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Free Rainbow Theme Hospital Checklist

Rainbow Theme Hospital Bag Packing Checklist

Hospital bag packing checklist with retro rainbow theme design. Bag packing list for mom. Hospital pack list for baby breastfeeding checklist and c-section hospital bag checklist


Download your free printable hospital bag checklist here.

This checklist includes sections for mom and baby as well as sections on what to pack in your hospital bag if you plan on breastfeeding or if you are expecting a c-section.


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What to pack in your hospital bag for Mom

New postpartum mom with newborn baby

Photo by Olivia Murray via Instagram

3x Comfortable Outfits

It goes without saying that you'll need clothes for yourself while in your hospital but sometimes the excitement for our postpartum bodies (or our dread) leaves us packing the wrong clothes. 

Pick clothes that are for comfort over style, and when it comes to size you should plan on wearing anything that comfortably fit when you were 5-7 months pregnant. 

If you are excepting or planning for a C-section you will want to be sure to avoid any low rise bottoms (underwear included) where the edge of your pants or underwear might rub or put pressure on your incision.

C-section or not high rise is a great option for comfort!

Sleeping Mask/ Earplugs

Sleeping in a hospital setting can be a real challenge, especially if you are already a light sleeper. 

Bringing an eye mask and/or earplugs can help you get good rest while you're staying in your hospital room both while you're in labor or after delivery (assuming that baby lets you get any sleep!)

Favorite Snacks

Hospital food has come a long way from the oatmeal and applesauce that was probably served to your mom during delivery but that doesn't mean that they will always have something you're craving. 

Stock up on your favorite snacks and drinks before you go into labor so that you have something to munch on during those 2AM feeds.


What to pack in your hospital bag for Baby

newborn baby bathing at the hospital after being born

Photo by Isaac Taylor

When you're packing for your new bundle of joys hospital stay its really more of a question of what not to pack!

The hospital will be fully stocked with diapers and wipes, and provide blankets for swaddling. Almost all hospitals will supply formula and bottles but be sure to call ahead and ask if you plan to formula feed.

What to pack in your hospital bag for breastfeeding

breastfeeding mother and child in dramatic lighting

LeAnna Azzolini Photography via Pinterest 

Breastfeeding during your hospital stay is also a good opportunity to pack light!

One thing to bring would be nursing friendly clothing and lanolin cream.

Lanolin cream will help with any cracking or dryness your nipples can experience during the first few days/weeks of breastfeeding and is one supply that not all hospitals carry.

What to pack in your hospital bag for c-sections

c section mother photography in black and white

Fredrica Simoni via Instagram @mamafedona

Aside from high rise bottoms, you may want to consider bringing your own belly binder in case your hospital does not provide one! (Call or ask your doctor if your hospital will supply one) 

These belly binders are life savers after abdominal surgery like c-section, they will help provide some structured support to your stomach and protect your incision from friction of clothing or movements.