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Holiday Gift Guide For 5 Years And Under

Holiday Gift Guide For Toddlers

We have rounded up a list of gift ideas for the holiday season for the toddlers in your life! This list includes gifts and toys that are great for both boys and girls and sure to be big hits on the Christmas morning!

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game!

Retail: $21.99

Age: 3+

Sneaky squirrel game

This is a board game is not only fun and engaging, but it also lets your little one practice their fine motor skills and learn their colors! This is a game that I can personally vouch for, and both of my older kids (age 5 & 7 as I’m writing this but I bought this when they were 3 & 5) love playing this game.

Each player takes turns spinning the dial and then they use the squirrel tongs to pick up the appropriate colored acorn and place it in their tree trunk. The first player to get each colored acorn in their trunk wins the game! 

You can check it out on Amazon.

Kinetic Sand Kits

Retail: $14.99-$29.99

Age: 3+

Kenetic sand


Not for the faint of heart, (but easier to clean than slime!) Kinetic Sand is a sure-fire win on cold or rainy days. There are a variety of different molds and tools that your little one can use. Older kids will be able to entertain themselves for a surprising amount of time! 

Pro-tip: put the sand into a baking tray or bowl to help prevent mess, or if the weather is permitting take it outside!

Check it out on Amazon.

Pop It Fidget Toys

Retail: $11.99

Age: 12m+

Pop it fidget toy ice cream


These “Pop It” toys have become incredibly popular over the past year, not surprisingly a big part of that is due to their popularity on YouTube. This is a toy that both small toddlers and even babies will play a lot with, and I will personally be getting one of each for all my kids! 

These toys will be great for stashing in the car and using during quiet time! Popper style toys are also very popular with children with sensory challenges. 

There are a plethora of different styles and colors available on Amazon.

Stacker Toys

Retail: $19.99

Age: 6m+

Sunshine rainbow stacking toy

Stacking toys are another toy that offers some exercise to their motor skills. These toys are more friendly for younger toddlers but don't be surprised if your older kids pick them up too! 

We have two sets of stacking toys available here at Blueberry Baby Shop

Custom Name Puzzles

Retail: $12.00-$45.00

Age: 12m+

Custom name puzzle etsy via BuzyPuzzle Store

Customized name puzzles have also become very popular over the past year. This is a great way to give your little one a customized gift that is also educational. These puzzles help your little one learn how to spell their name and practice letter recognition.

Be aware that custom puzzles may take longer to have delivered during the holiday season, so order in advance! 

Etsy is filled to the brim with customized name puzzles.

Peg Doll Sets

Retail: $17.00+

Age: 2+

Rainbow wooden peg doll set minimalist via MySunshineDesignsCM

Peg Dolls are very popular in Montessori and Waldorf practicing households but I would encourage you to check them out even if you’re not a #montessorimom for the simple fact that their aesthetically pleasing, easier to clean vs. traditional dolls, and have no loose items that will be strung through the house. 

Etsy has some beautiful peg dolls that you can check out here.