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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

So the big day is getting closer and closer! Now its time to start thinking about packing your trusty hospital bag and keep it by the front door, ready to go at a moments notice!

Wether this is your first baby or your 3rd chances are you could still use a refesher on what to stuff in your bag to take with you to the hospital. 

We have put together a super simple (with no fussy extras) checklist of things to pack in your bag, that includes extras in case your breastfeeding or if you’re having a c-section!

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For Mom

When it comes to things to pack for yourself there’s of course the essential things like clothes and toiletries, it might seem like the kind of thing that would be impossible to forget but you would be surprised at the kinds of things that can slip your mind when you’re on your way to have a baby!

Some things to be sure you don’t miss are:

  • Phone charger
  • Your favorite snacks
  • Chapstick
  • Dark colored underwear

When it comes to packing your clothes make sure you pack clothes that are not only comfortable and allow for good movement but be prepared to leave the hospital still fitting your 5-7 month maternity clothes. 

If you have a c-section be mindful of where your pants will sit in relation to your incision, even if you are not having a scheduled c-section, its never a bad idea to pack with an open mind! Anything can happen during delivery and emergency c-sections happen more often than you may think!

There is nothing I recommend more to expecting moms to pack for their hospital bags or delivery more than these ice pack pads. There are several different types available, Frida Mom has sone linked above but these are the ones that I personally used and I highly recommend them!

Medline - Amazon.com

Forget trying to make your own “padsicles” and give yourself some serious relief with these. A lot of hospitals will carry these or something similar, but many do not so be sure to pack your own. I really don’t know how these aren’t more popular!

For Baby

This is probably the most exciting part of packing for the hospital! Tiny little diapers and tiny little clothes are what make it all feel so real! There’s not much chance that you will forget anything for your little baby but theres a strong chance you’re packing too much! 

Did you know that hospitals will provide a plethora of newborn diapers and wipes for you to use during your hospital stay (your nurse will even encourage you to stash some of them in your bags to take home!) So don’t overthink things like diapers and creams!

One thing you cant have too many of are burp cloths, wether you are bottle or breastfeeding you will surprised at how messy it can be! You can opt for some burp cloths like these or you can use these flannel swaddle blankets which come in handy as they can be used for about a million different things!

You will also want some easy to change clothes for baby that are not only accommodating to a baby of most sizes but make diaper changes easy. Opt for gowns like these that have built in mittens and easy access to dirty diapers. 

For Breastfeeding

Dont think for a second you will want to skip the lanolin cream! Surprisingly a lot of hospitals don’t have lanolin cream on hand (although your lactation consultant might!) so be sure you pack some in your hospital bag or diaper bag! The cream above comes in mini tubes that are super handy because you can put them all over your house (you are bound to have multiple breastfeeding spots!) 

Rachel Engen @_engenessentials on Instagram

Breastfeeding pads are also another breastfeeding essential! Not everyone experiences leaking breasts and a lot of mothers don’t even get their milk in until after they leave the hospital but its not something you want to be caught without if you need them! 

 For C-Sections

In all of the hospital bag packing lists I’ve seen, there are so few(if any) that include supplies for the c-section mom! While most of the things you need will be the same, there are a few specifics that can make your recovery from surgery much easier.

A breastfeeding pillow (even if you’re not breastfeeding). Holding your new baby may be the highlight of delivery but it can be a painful or uncomfortable experience after having abdominal surgery. A breastfeeding pillow takes the weight off of your stomach as you hold your little one and lets you relax as you get those cuddles in!

RachelAnne @its.rachelanne on Instagram

Belly binders are another handy tool that not enough people talk about! These are almost always available upon request from the hospital but because they are so helpful you dont want to be caught without one.

Even if you get one from the hospital it cant hurt to have a spare for when you get home. These help apply firm pressure to your abdominal section over your incision (this might not sound comfortable but it will help provide support to your abdominal wall that makes moving easier)

Now that everything is packed and you’re feeling prepared(ish) its time to take a deep breath! Everyone here at Blueberry Baby Shop will be wishing you a happy and healthy delivery! 

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