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We Polled Moms To See Which High End Baby Gear They Would Buy

We polled moms in our Instagram Community about which high end and hyper trending baby products/gear they were most interested in purchasing if their budget allowed it! 

Wonderfold Wagon

Retail $289-$899

Wonderfold Wagon Family Photo

@modernfarmhousefamily via Instagram

As a mom of 3 I personally drool over the 4 seater wagons! The Wonderfold Wagon (and similar wagons) are getting more and more popular and for good reason!

These “push style” wagons are a hybrid between strollers and traditional pull-behind wagons. They offer more seating and storage than strollers but easy maneuverability and storage than most traditional wagons.

The sticker shock is real with these wagons! A base model with fewer features (like additional storage and reclining seats) that seats two vs four, starts at $289 with their most expensive model costing $899 

So what did the moms say?

Wonderfold Wagon Mom Vote

71% of moms said that they wanted one, and 29% felt that they were overrated

The Doona Car seat

Retail: $559

Doona Car seat Stroller

@danaivy via Instagram

The Doona is another stroller hybrid, it combines your car seat and stroller into one compact piece! The stroller simply collapses and folds under the seat to secure in your vehicle. 

The Doona is perfect for family with small babies that travels often, the Doona makes getting in and out of trains, subways, and planes a breeze. 

With a heft $559 price tag, this stroller does not come with any accessories, if you want to add storage or a sunshade you must purchase separately. If you need help justifying the price, it does have great safety ratings and has received countless awards for its ingenious design!

So what did the moms say?

Doona Car seat Vote

53% said they needed this and 47% said no way!

Baby Brezza

Retail $229-$299

Baby Brezza Formula Maker

Photo via babybrezza.com

The Baby Brezza has been on the market for several years and what was once a luxury product is becoming more and more of a staple for formula feeding moms.

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced makes a warm bottle of formula almost instantly and the newest model (The Baby Brezza Advanced WiFi pictured above) even allows you to prepare a bottle from your phone, meaning you can have a warm premade bottle waiting for you at 2am or when you’re pulling into your garage! Talk about incredible!

So what did the moms say?

Baby Brezza Vote

38% of moms said it seemed amazing 62% said no thanks

(It should be noted that this poll may include breastfeeding mothers who dont have a use for formula products)

Elvie Or Willow Wearable Breast Pumps

Retail $499

Willow Breast Pump

Photo via shop.one willow.com

We grouped the Elvie and the Willow wearable pumps into one poll due to the similar design and price point. These breast pumps are revolutionary, they are totally wireless during use and are small enough to be tucked into your bras and under your clothes! 

They are both powered by rechargeable batteries and both the Elvie and Willow are eligible to be covered by health insurance and can be purchased with FSAs and HSAs. 

So what did the moms say?

Willow & Elvie Pump Vote

72% of moms said these pumps would be so nice to have and 28% of moms said that was an insane price for breast pumps.

Wearable Pumps On Amazon

It’s worth noting that are much cheaper dupes on Amazon for wearable breast pumps that come with equally great reviews! You can find them here.

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